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2013 Tickets
Vern S.
14 déc. 2012, 19:59


I see that online availability is not shown for 2013.  Are tickets able to be purchased for 2013 or do we have to wait until Dec. 20 for them to be released?

Are the tickets able to be printed on your website, or do I need to go to a government website?

Thank you.


Re: 2013 Tickets
Messages: 825
15 déc. 2012, 10:39

Dear Vern,

I don't know if you got my previous email, so here it goes again.

Thank you for your email and for your interest in our services.

Yes, we have to wait until the government opens sales for 2013. We don't know yet when they will be going to be sold exactly because it depends on the Ministry of Culture. Usually, the date to start purchasing is around December 20th. If you want,__you can subscribe to be informed once sales for next season will start. Please enter this page and subscribe.

Yes, tickets will be able to be printed directly through our website. If you prefer, you could also print them through the government's website, they are the same.

Should you need anything else, feel free to contact us any time.

Best regards,

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